Unicorn - Striker Bristle Dartboard

SKU: 352448

Product Features

  • Staple-free embedded metal bullseye
  • High visibility metal numbers
  • High quality traditional round metal metal wire construction
  • Durable


Designed with longevity in mind, this entry and beginner level dartboard with a self healing sisal for ultimate dart retention and improved recovery and durability, is perfect for entertaining at home. Made with high quality traditional round metal wire construction secured to the board using super slim wire fasteners for an increased target area, ensuring maximum player focus.

Featuring a staple-free embedded metal bullseye for a larger target. Designed with high visibility metal numbers for excellent clarity and focus during play, ideal for at home use.

Compatible with all Unicorn bristle dart board stands, surrounds, mounts and lighting systems, ensuring the ultimate play at home set up. Wall bracket & fixings included.

Dimensions: 46cm x 46cm x 5cm (Including number ring). Weight: 5.3kg.

Product specifications
Brand Unicorn
Format Darts, Dart Boards & Accessories
Product Type Dart Boards