PlayStation 2 Hardware

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Action Replay Max - Cheat Disc : (50,000 Cheats)

The world's most powerful cheat code system and video game enhancer is back and better than ever! Datel Action Replay MAX PS2 once again takes PlayStation 2 game enhancement to a higher level as only Datel knows how.Datel have packed everything into the Max edition with even more playable cheat codes and enhancements than ever before, boasting the best code support of any video game enhancer, Action Replay MAX once again leads where others only dare to follow with a whole host of 100% unofficial cheats that you won't find anywhere else. Format: PS2 Hardware

PlayStation 2 - 8mb Memory Card: Unofficial

Format: PS2 Hardware
£9.95 £7.95

PlayStation 2 - Datel DVD Region X

If you want to take better advantage of the PS2's DVD capabilities then the DVD Region X is a great device that allows you to "convert" your console into a multi-region player. The pack is basically a software disc which you insert into your machine; it displays a menu on your screen with all the regions (1 to 6) and lets you choose which zone the film you want to play belongs to. You then remove the disk and insert your DVD (using your controller and PS2 browser to select the film) and you'll have multi-region playback from your humble games machine. A side issue is that the disk also solves the "green screen" problem caused by Sony's modifying the RGB signal to better accommodate video games--which typically results in DVDs having a rather sickly tint. The device even allows you to play the increased security coded disks (Regional Coding Enhancement) which manage to foil most chipped DVD players. Older versions of this product included a "key" which fit into one of the memory card slots, but because Datel discovered there was a potential for piracy, with this version you just get the disc and have to provide your own dedicated and formatted memory card. It's best to use a new one as when it's formatted it will erase any saved game data. Also, gamers owning early PlayStation 2s may find that the software does not work with their machine. Format: PS2 Hardware

PlayStation 2 - Used 3 Pin Plug

Format: PS2 Hardware

PlayStation 2 - Used DVD Remote: Official : (Req 2xAAA)

Stylishly modeled to match the sleek design of the PlayStation 2, the Official DVD Remote Control combines performance and versatility by offering an impressive range of DVD viewing options, plus standard game-control functionality. For optimum viewing, features include: five playback modes; three different speeds of fast forward and reverse; a time-search function; on/off/standby button; open/close button. The official DVD Remote fuses total control of the PlayStation 2's entertainment options. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied). Format: PS2 Hardware
£9.95 £5.95

PlayStation 2 - Used Memory Card: 128MB : (Unofficial)

Format: PS2 Hardware
£14.95 £12.95

PlayStation 2 - Used Memory Card: 16MB : (Unofficial)

Format: PS2 Hardware
£7.95 £4.95

PlayStation 2 - Used Memory Card: 32MB : (Unofficial)

Format: PS2 Hardware
£8.95 £5.95

PlayStation 2 - Used Memory Card: 64MB : (Unofficial)

Format: PS2 Hardware
£9.95 £7.95

PlayStation 2 - Used Replacement Case

Format: PS2 Hardware