RDX: Yoga and Exercise Mat Rubber 6mm - Design D1

SKU: 369587

Product Features

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY INNOCUOUS Natural Rubber is not only durable but also doesn?t compromises on the efficacy. Reduce the mental fatigue or achieve nirvana by getting excellent purchase from the mats during intense workouts.
  • EXEMPLARY RESILIENCE is ensured as the 6 mm thick PU mats provides the necessary cushioning for a premium yoga experience. Possessing the dimensions of 183 x 61 cm the yoga mats allows you to showcase Lotus Position, Handstand, Balasana and various other poses with complete authority.
  • ANTI-SKID surfaces on either side of the mats will ensure that your yogic journey is not compromised with any unwanted incident. Shock absorption and optimum cushioning is on offer for your shoulders, spine and knees.
  • SWEAT WICKING material prevents sweat and slime to become an obstacle in your workout sessions. Perform high intensity workouts with complete assurance.
  • USER ATTENTIVE bundle compromises of a yoga mat in 11 diverse designs with an exercise manual and a carry bag with strap for easy carriage.


RDX invites you to attain the true essence of peace and tranquility by introducing the all new PU Yoga Mats. Indulge in Yoga, Pilates or take an escape from the daily grind by incorporating the quality PU Yoga Mats. Concocted using Natural rubber, special emphasis is on the environmental effects incurred by other materials. Anti-Skid surfaces present on either side of the mat ensures that no untoward incident occurs. Durable construction ensures that the mats will pass the test of time by staying impervious to tears and cracks. Choose from 11 different visually stunning designs with an exercise manual and a handy carry bag with strap for easy mobility.
Product specifications
Brand RDX
Product Type Yoga Mats
Category Yoga
New Release Yes